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Lyft is a big name in the rideshare industry. Customers who download and use the app can often find a reliable and inexpensive ride to wherever they need to go in Pearland quickly.

Giving the keys to a Lyft driver may take away your responsibility for driving, but it does not take away any of the risks of being on the road. You are putting your safety in the hands of another person whom you trust to be careful.

Lyft offers Pearland residents and visitors a way to navigate this growing community without the stress of driving themselves or the expense of using their own gas. Whether you are visiting the Kannappan Art Museum or taking your child to the Pearwood Skate Center, a Lyft can get you there.

However, no specialized training is necessary to drive for Lyft. Unlike commercial drivers, Lyft drivers do not have to complete physical evaluations or specialized courses to ensure they can transport others safely. 

Lyft drivers are no safer to ride with than anyone else and are just as capable of committing acts of negligence that cause you injury. When you try to get compensation, several responsible parties and multiple insurance companies could be responsible for paying you damages. 

Lean on the skilled Pearland Lyft accident lawyer Ryan DeHoyos and DeHoyos Accident Attorneys when you do not know where to turn after a wreck. With years of experience in cutting through the difficulties of Lyft accident claims, DeHoyos Accident Attorneys is prepared to help you assert your legal rights. 

Understanding How Lyft and Rideshare Services Work

Most individuals have had the experience of asking a friend or adult family member for a ride somewhere. Ridesharing services function in a similar manner but with strangers. They connect people with cars who are willing to give rides to others available to passengers looking for transportation. Passengers benefit by getting a quick ride to a destination, and drivers benefit by earning a fee for their services.

Lyft operates in much the same way as other competing rideshare services. When you need a ride, you use an app on your phone to input your starting location and destination. The app then pairs you with the closest available driver, who then comes to your location to start the ride.

Those who want to drive for Lyft complete an application process before being allowed to provide trips. After this, when they are available to give rides to passengers, they log into their Lyft account on the app and change their status to show they are available. This lets riders know that the particular driver can give them a ride.

Once drivers receive a ride request, they pick up the rider and deliver them to their destination. It is then that the driver gets paid their fee for the ride.

Lyft drivers are not employees of the rideshare company. Instead, drivers who use Lyft to offer rides are considered to be independent contractors. This classification means Lyft will often not be liable directly to the person who is hurt in the event of a crash or other injury incident. Depending on the driver’s status at the time of the wreck, though, Lyft’s insurance does cover its drivers.

Have You Been Injured in a Pearland Lyft Accident?

When you are injured in a car accident, one of the first questions you are likely to ask is whether you have a viable claim for damages. The same is true for Lyft accidents. Before making an appointment with a Lyft accident attorney in Pearland, you need to find out whether you have a case.

If you are hurt in a motor vehicle wreck and suspect that a Lyft driver was to blame, you should have a Pearland Lyft accident lawyer evaluate your case. You may not know immediately whether the driver involved in your crash was working for Lyft. Otherwise, look for a Lyft emblem on the at-fault car’s front windshield. Drivers use this to identify themselves to riders and can indicate that you potentially have a Lyft injury claim.

What to Do After a Lyft Accident

Whether you are a passenger in a Lyft vehicle, another motorist, or a bicyclist or pedestrian, ensure you get the medical attention you need after a wreck. If you are unsure how seriously you are hurt, err on the side of caution and call 911. If you are not in immediate danger, plan to reach the nearest emergency room as quickly as possible.

Make a note of the at-fault car and driver. Photograph the vehicle and the Lyft windshield sticker if you can safely do so. Your goal should be to document as much about the at-fault vehicle, its driver, and the accident scene as you can. Photographs can help capture important details more efficiently than notes written after the fact.

You should also keep a copy of the accident report, your bills and statements, and any other crash-related paperwork in one place. Doing so will help you retrieve it later when you need it.

All this information will assist your Pearland Lyft accident attorney in filing your claim as quickly as possible. The sooner you can meet with a Lyft accident lawyer in Pearland, the better chance you have of having your claim processed quickly. Bring as much information as you have collected to your attorney.

Avoid These Actions After a Lyft Crash

Do not discuss the cause of the accident or who was at fault. Even saying “I’m sorry” or “I was not watching where I was driving” can jeopardize your chance at recovering compensation. Provide your name and insurance information as may be required, but refrain from discussing the facts of the case beyond what is necessary.

You should also refrain from talking about how you feel after an accident. If you need medical help, get assistance right away. However, do not assume that you have not been hurt because you do not feel sore or in pain. Make it a point to get evaluated by a medical professional, and avoid discussing how you feel before doing so.

Finally, do not wait too long before visiting with a Pearland Lyft accident lawyer. Texas’s statute of limitations is only two years, which means that you have two years from the date of your accident to file your claim for damages.

Pearland Lyft Accident Lawyer

Do I Need a Pearland Lyft Accident Lawyer, or Can I Handle My Own Case?

You do not need an attorney to file a claim, legally you can be a self-represented litigant. But having an experienced Pearland Lyft accident attorney assisting you can make the recovery process smoother and more successful. Your attorney will handle the investigation and preparation of your claim and help you resolve your case while you focus on your health and recovery.

When you handle your Lyft accident claim by yourself, you risk filing with the wrong insurance company. Depending on whether the Lyft driver was on duty or giving a ride, you may be able to file a claim for damages with Lyft’s insurer. If you fail to do this, you could miss out on receiving damages you would receive otherwise.

Settling your claim is always risky without legal guidance and advice. Settling your claim for too little means the expenses you incurred that go over the settlement amount are your responsibility. Having a Pearland Lyft accident lawyer representing you during settlement negotiations can help you avoid this outcome.

Moreover, an experienced lawyer can take your claim to trial if you cannot reach an appropriate settlement. Doing so requires compliance with technical and procedural rules that a Lyft accident lawyer in Pearland will have a thorough knowledge of.

Will I Be Compensated for My Injuries After a Lyft Accident?

When you are hurt by a Lyft driver, you have the right to file a claim for compensation against the appropriate insurance company. Which insurance company you should file your claim with will depend on whether the Lyft driver was on duty and giving a ride at the time. 

You can seek compensation for economic damages, such as your medical expenses and lost wages. Economic damages look to make you whole for the costs you paid and will have to pay in the future as you recover from your crash. 

You can also seek damages for non-economic damages like your pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of life. These kinds of damages look to compensate you for the emotional and mental harm you experienced as a result of the crash.

Lyft Driver and Vehicle Requirements

Lyft prides itself on making it easy for drivers to start working for the company. Unfortunately, this simple application process means that some people with less-than-stellar backgrounds can become drivers and injure others.

To become a driver, you must pass a criminal history check that looks for violent crimes or felonies that you’ve committed within the previous seven years. You must also prove that you have a personal auto liability insurance policy and a four-door vehicle. 

If you can meet these minimal requirements, you are eligible to drive for Lyft.

Lyft Fatalities

There is no shortage of instances where Lyft and other rideshare drivers have caused the death of others. Lyft’s first fatality occurred in Sacramento in 2014. A Lyft vehicle transporting two passengers lost control while attempting to avoid a vehicle stalled in the roadway. The Lyft driver hit a tree, killing one of the passengers.

In another incident about a year later, a Lyft driver in Miami, hit a motorcyclist, killing the biker. In the ensuing lawsuit, the motorcyclist’s surviving family claimed that the Lyft driver made an improper turn. 

Texas Insurance Requirements for Lyft

The specific insurance carrier your Pearland Lyft accident attorney would file your claim with would depend on what the Lyft driver was doing at the time of the crash. If the Lyft driver were not logged into the app and waiting for a ride request, that driver’s personal auto insurance policy would be in force. 

If that driver has the minimum amount of coverage, there would be a limit of $30,000 for bodily injury per person and up to a maximum of $60,000 in benefits per accident. You could also recover up to $25,000 for property damage through the insurance company.

If the driver was logged into Lyft and available to give rides, Texas law requires the Lyft driver to have a policy with minimum limits of $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per person and $100,000 per accident. These requirements increase to $1 million in coverage if the Lyft driver is on their way to pick up a rider or is in the process of transporting a rider when the crash happens.

If you are an injured third party, such as a driver of another car or a Lyft passenger, your claim should be filed with Lyft’s insurance company.

Rideshare Attorney Serving Pearland, TX

If you have been injured in an accident involving a Lyft driver in Pearland, Ryan DeHoyos is your choice for an experienced, dedicated Pearland Lyft accident lawyer. Mr. DeHoyos’ practice is dedicated to helping victims hurt in accidents, especially motor vehicle crashes.

Mr. DeHoyos has over ten years of experience representing thousands of clients and obtaining $20 million for them through trials and verdicts. You can trust that he will use all his knowledge and resources to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

When you are searching for the right Lyft accident attorney in Pearland to handle your case, choose DeHoyos Accident Attorneys. 

DeHoyos Accident Attorneys
Ryan DeHoyos is ready to help.

Ryan practices clear and open communication with clients. He is personally available to support clients throughout the life cycle of the case.

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