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Recovering from 18-Wheeler Crash Injuries in Houston

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Accidents involving 18-wheelers can be some of the most devastating incidents on the road due to the sheer size and force of the vehicles. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer injuries in an 18-wheeler accident collision in Houston, recovery can be a lengthy and challenging process. But with the right support from DeHoyos Accident Attorneys, the journey becomes a little easier. 

What follows is an examination of how to recover from an 18-wheeler accident that caused a personal injury. We’ll discuss your medical and emotional needs as well as the all-important financial ones. With our help, you can navigate the legal process of your personal injury settlement and ensure you receive the treatment and support you require. 

After the Accident 

After an 18-wheeler accident, the most important thing is your life. Make sure you and your passengers are okay, and if possible, move the vehicle to a safe place to prevent additional accidents. 

If you feel injured in any way or are unsure if you are injured, don’t move. Wait for help to arrive before attempting to exit the vehicle or stand under your own power. It’s important to remember that after an injury, your body releases adrenaline to help mask the pain. This means you might feel okay at first and then feel debilitating pain and mobility issues after a few days. For this reason, it’s important for our office to emphasize not only medical examinations but *immediate* medical examinations after an accident with an 18-wheeler. 

Immediate Treatment

In the aftermath of the accident, it’s crucial to get immediate medical attention, even if injuries appear minor. Injuries to the brain may not show symptoms immediately but can be life-threatening. Injuries to the back and spine might cause reoccurring symptoms that impact your life for years. 

Immediately seeing a medical professional after your 18-wheeler accident also serves another crucial purpose; it starts a paper trail. When the time comes to settle your case, your personal injury attorney will cite the examinations made on that day to identify the basic facts of your injury. Having this kind of foresight can make it faster and easier to receive the compensation you deserve. 

Physical Therapy 

Depending on the severity of the injury, accident victims may require weeks or months of physical therapy to regain strength, flexibility, and function. Accidents involving 18-wheelers not only leave immediate scars they can also lead to lasting issues. It’s common for injuries sustained from auto accidents to “flare up” again later, causing renewed pain and discomfort long after the incident. 

Additionally, these injuries can sometimes become the inciting incidents for additional trauma later on, compounding the pain and affecting the overall quality of life for victims. These are all factors your personal injury team at DeHoyos Accident Attorneys will consider when seeking your 18-wheeler accident compensation. 

Emotional and Psychological Support

Trauma from 18-wheeler accidents can lead to emotional and psychological scars. You have the right to financial compensation for therapy or counseling that you require. Additionally, there are several legal protections, such as “pain and suffering” or “loss of enjoyment of life,” that insurance companies may be liable for. Knowing how these protections can benefit your family is the first step toward receiving them. Let’s talk about the specifics of your case to make sure everyone’s mental health is as cared for as their physical health. 

Financial Support

Medical bills can quickly pile up, especially if the injury keeps you out of work. In Texas, the at-fault party’s insurance should cover medical expenses, property damage, and even pain and suffering. Severe injuries, like those often seen in 18-wheeler accidents, may incur more expenses than insurance companies are willing or able to cover. Your ability to earn a living, provide for your family, or even take care of yourself are all issues your personal injury attorney will explore when seeking the compensation you deserve. 


Texas drivers could always benefit from Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which all insurance companies offer. This personal insurance will kick in when the at-fault party’s insurance is maxed out or if their insurance company argues your claim. 

Comparative Negligence in Texas

Insurance companies are designed to save money. Because Texas follows a “modified” comparative negligence system, you can only claim compensation if you’re not found to be 50% at fault for the accident. This means insurance agents, particularly those associated with trucking companies, will attempt to blame you for as much of the accident as possible. Our personal injury attorney is familiar with these tactics and will guide you through how to prevent them. 

Navigating Insurance Challenges

One of the most challenging parts of an 18-wheeler accident is negotiation with insurance companies. Often, trucking accidents involve multiple parties that could and should be held accountable. The driver is an obvious choice, but the driver’s company and the company that loaded the truck could also be at fault. As a victim, you may find yourself facing an army of insurance adjusters, all trained to minimize their company’s financial obligations.

Insurance companies are notorious for using delay tactics, giving lowball offers, or sometimes denying valid claims altogether. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and accept a settlement that’s far less than what’s needed to cover your immediate costs. That’s why it’s so important to hire an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney who can fight for your rights. 

Legal Representation in 18-Wheeler Accident Cases 

It’s important to partner with a law firm experienced in trucking accident claims, especially when insurance companies attempt to minimize payouts. This is where DeHoyos Accident Attorneys can help.

18-wheeler accidents in Houston can have long-term physical, emotional, and financial effects. It would be best if you only had to think about immediate medical attention following your accident. Our legal team will worry about the finances to cover your recovery.  

If you or a loved one has been affected, don’t hesitate. Call (832) 743-2104 or schedule a free, confidential case evaluation today. We’ll ensure you receive the 18-wheeler accident settlement you deserve. 



















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