Tips For Being a Good Client in a Texas Personal Injury Case

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Tips For Being a Good Client in a Texas Personal Injury Case

Physical injuries caused by someone else’s reckless or negligent actions can be devastating. As you cope with the pain and manage your recovery process, you also face several financial challenges, such as expensive medical bills, lost wages, and other unanticipated costs resulting from the accident. Fortunately, Texas allows personal injury victims to pursue compensation from the party responsible for the accident to help them cover the financial consequences stemming from the incident. Although working with an attorney is not required to file a personal injury claim, doing so is highly encouraged. Your attorney can work aggressively on your behalf to maximize your settlement offer so you can move forward with the financial support you need to recover. This post will highlight some tips for being a so-called “good” client to ensure you and your lawyer can obtain the best possible outcome.

Attend All Medical and Physical Therapy Appointments

One of the most important things you can do to strengthen your personal injury claim is to demonstrate that you are taking your recovery seriously. Be sure to seek medical attention after the accident to establish critical documents detailing the nature, extent, and prognosis of your injuries. Additionally, make sure you attend follow-up appointments to show how dedicated you are to the recovery process. If your medical provider recommends physical therapy, attend these sessions. Missed appointments signal to the insurance adjuster (or, in some cases, the jury) that you don’t really need these treatments, which may prompt them to deny you the compensation you are requesting.

Return Your Attorney’s Phone Calls

What’s the point of hiring a personal injury lawyer if you fail to respond to their phone calls or emails in a timely manner? Just as clients feel frustrated when their lawyer does not return their calls, attorneys do not appreciate poor communication with clients. It’s helpful to think of you and your lawyer as a team—you need to communicate honestly and transparently with one another to cultivate trust and move your case forward. Your attorney recognizes that your recovery can make it harder for you to respond promptly, but try to be considerate of the time and energy they are devoting to helping you pursue the compensation you need to support your recovery.

Provide Details

The more information your attorney has about your situation, the better equipped they will be to help you prepare a solid personal injury claim. It may feel overwhelming and time-consuming to engage in detailed conversations with your attorney, but keep in mind that these discussions will end up strengthening your chances of maximizing your settlement offer. Even if you think that your lawyer’s questions seem unrelated to the accident (i.e., questions about your medical history or previous injuries), trust that they are likely attempting to anticipate what the at-fault party’s defensive strategy will be. They want to have all the information they need to fight back against the other party’s attempts to discredit or undermine your claim.

Set Reasonable Expectations

While your attorney may be able to maximize your settlement offer, they cannot do the impossible. It’s essential that you set reasonable expectations as you work through your claim. For instance, if you suffered whiplash or a relatively minor injury, you should not expect your lawyer to secure millions of dollars from the at-fault party. Your lawyer will help you estimate the worth of your claim, but you should recognize that an estimate is just that—a ballpark figure. As long as you and your attorney remain focused on securing you the compensation you need to support your recovery, you can trust that they will do everything they can to obtain the fairest and most favorable outcome possible.

Be Patient and Trust the Legal Strategy

It’s no secret that suffering an injury at the hands of someone else can wreak havoc on your life. Suddenly, you face a lengthy physical recovery process, and the financial costs begin to pile up and overwhelm you. Most accident victims feel frustrated during the claims process, as there are several steps that must be completed before a settlement can be reached. It takes time to prepare a strong and effective personal injury claim, as you will need to attend medical appointments, locate important documents, and participate in investigations. As much as you may want to rush this process, try to remain patient and trust that your lawyer is working strategically and purposefully to maximize your settlement offer. Whenever you feel frustrated by how long this process is taking, remind yourself that your lawyer is protecting your best interests and doing everything they can to secure you the best possible outcome.

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