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Auto Accidents: What If I’m At Fault?

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There are few things in life scarier than a car accident. They happen incredibly fast and give you little time to think or weigh your options. Your adrenaline spikes and your brain temporarily reduces the physical pain you feel so it can focus on keeping you safe. 

There can be an even scarier feeling that creeps in once the dust has settled, however. Namely, whether the accident you just experienced was your own fault. Now, you may be bombarded by thoughts of paying for your mistakes. If you are found to be at fault for the accident, you may wonder how you will pay for vehicle repairs and medical bills. These expenses are challenging even when the other party is responsible for the damage, but they become even more complicated when the accident is your fault. 

Your best defense is to investigate the conditions of the accident and see if any other factors contributed to it. If you are able to prove that you were only a part of the problem, your financial responsibility to the other driver will be lowered. To that end, DeHoyos Accident Attorneys have compiled a handy guide about what to do if you are responsible for an auto accident. By following these suggestions, you can significantly improve your chances of receiving compensation. At worst, you can gain a better understanding of how liability is determined in an accident and what you could have done differently. 

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Partially At Fault in Auto Accidents

Being involved in an auto accident is a complicated experience, especially when you’re unsure about your role in the incident. If you suspect you might be partially at fault, it’s important to understand how this affects the liability and compensation. The reality of accidents is that liability and fault aren’t always black and white. Usually, it’s kind of a spectrum where multiple parties might share some responsibility.

Texas, like many other states, uses the rule of comparative negligence. This means that if you’re partially at fault for an accident, the percentage you are found to be at fault will directly impact your compensation. For example, if it’s determined that you were 30% responsible for the accident, your compensation will be reduced by 30%. 

Common Misconceptions 

If you’re involved in an auto accident and think you might be partly to blame, it’s important to clear up a couple of common conceptions. First, in Texas, even if you’re found to be partially at fault, you can still receive some compensation. Many people don’t realize this and assume they can’t get any help if they’re at fault at all.

Second, it’s not just the insurance company that decides who’s at fault. Their opinion matters, but it’s not the only one that counts. You have the right to challenge their decision, especially with a lawyer’s help. This is crucial because insurance companies often look out for their own interests first.

Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Negotiation 

The first step is to gather as much information as possible about your accident. This includes taking pictures of the scene, collecting witness statements, and asking for a copy of the police report. This evidence is important when it comes to determining each party’s level of fault.

In Texas, the rule of comparative negligence is “modified.” This means that if you are found to be more than 50% at fault for the accident, you cannot recover any compensation from the other party. Insurance companies are the primary investigators of these accidents and also the ones who negotiate their settlements. 

You can combat their natural bias by conducting your own investigation with your auto accident attorney. We can also handle the negotiation process for you because we are aware of common tactics insurance companies use to lessen the amount they must pay. 

They mainly use these tactics when multiple parties share partial fault. Talking with an experienced personal injury lawyer at DeHoyos Accident Attorneys can help you argue for a lower percentage of fault that maximizes your compensation. 

What Compensation Can I Receive if I’m Partially Responsible for the Accident? 

As we said above, if you’re partially at fault for an auto accident, you can still get compensation. However, it will be lessened depending on how much the accident was your fault. Here’s what you can be compensated for:

  1. Medical Bills: The costs for treating your injuries from the accident at an emergency room or later with your family doctor. 
  2. Lost Wages: The money you didn’t earn because your injuries made you unable to work.
  3. Future Earnings Loss: Severe injuries may affect your ability to earn money in the future. You should be compensated for that loss. 
  4. Car Repairs: The costs to fix or replace your car and other damaged belongings. Includes manufacturer replacement fees or auto mechanic bills. 
  5. Pain and Suffering: The compensation for physical pain and emotional distress from the accident. Your life may have been changed significantly. You deserve to be compensated for that. 
  6. Extra Costs: Money for other expenses because of the accident, like travel to doctors.

Remember, even if you’re partly at fault in a car accident, you still have choices. It’s important to know what you’re responsible for, what your rights are, and how the law works in these situations. If you’re in Houston and involved in a car accident where you’re partially at fault, call DeHoyos Accident Attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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